Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ms. October

Our studio is humming with activity. Christa and I have been working away but are really missing rae who is off on her honeymoon. She will return shortly and we will be so happy to have her back. We have some great new work in the gallery. Here's a picture of our current window:

It seems like October should be renamed Christa Assad month! Check out the new issue of American Craft Magazine. Guess who is on the cover...none other than Ms Christa. Inside this issue are some wonderful photos and an excellent article written by fellow potter Molly Hatch. While I'm bragging about Christa check out AKAR. She will be featured in October. Pretty good beginning to the fall season.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

AKAR Email

Dear Pottery Friends!

I am trying to whip together an email list for AKAR Gallery in Iowa City, where my work will be featured for the month of October. If you would like to join their email list (I'm sure many of you are already on it!) then please either:

email them directly at:
or go to:
and add yourself to their mailing list!

Thanks for helping out - if you aren't familiar with AKAR, it is definitely worth having a looksie at their site - it ROCKS!