Sunday, February 8, 2009

Plaster Disaster

Andrew Martin's workshop was, I think, a huge success. His generosity in filling us full of his vast knowledge was incredible. He gave us something else as well... We had a nice crowd of 17 participants watching with rapt attention when Andrew hefted a 10 gallon bucket of freshly mixed, delightfully gooey casting plaster on to the demo table. With too strong of a heave ho he missed the table and projectile dumped 3/4 of the white, liquid sludge on to the first row of rapt potters. Everything was covered - shoes, clothes, purses, backpacks, books, chairs, floor. Thankfully laughter was the immediate response and as potters are famous for doing, everybody pitched in and cleaned up the mess. The wonderful workshop will forever be known as the Plaster Disaster. Thanks to everyone for being such good sports.
Here are a few photos but to be honest Christa, rae and I were too busy trying to find the mop and bucket, hosing off chairs and participants to take pictures of the real mess.

Book on slip casting covered in plaster and it's smiling owner (who was also covered)

Andrew in action

Wood fired cups

Some fine examples of finished work