Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Under Construction

Our studio is under siege. A fabulous Indian restaurant and Berkeley institution - VIKS- is moving in next door. We were initially thrilled. This will mean infinitely more foot traffic for our gallery. We'll also have delicious lunches within steps. Their construction plans meant changing the configuration of our storage area. These past few weeks they have been knocking down walls and turning off our electricity for 24 hour periods. Construction dust has been wafting through a hastily set up plastic wall causing white outs. Our kilns, though still working, are pushed into spaces that are ridiculous to access. The place looks like the predicted big quake has already come and gone. On Friday the jack hammering begins. They are promising the remainder of the work that affects us will only last two weeks but two weeks when you're trying to make,glaze, ship, get ready for shows is a lifetime. We will be open ...construction gods willing... for our regular first Saturday on April 4. Hope you can come by and see if we survived.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Open This Saturday

This Saturday is our official day to be open. Come see our new pieces, watch us work and have a cookie. We'll be there from 11 - 5.
The above photo is Christa blowing on her glaze. The girl has great lungs!