Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer at fourth & clay

rae's work at the ACGA show

Josie and rae survived the ACGA Show. It was well attended and the weather behaved beautifully. Thank you all who attended and supported us. Christa has returned from her exotic pottery adventure in Greece. She had a wonderful time.

Summer's are crazy at fourth & clay. We are coming and going. Christa will be teaching a workshop at Anderson Ranch Aug 4 -15. rae is preparing for a huge event that we are all very excited about. Josie is working at her studio in the mountains for the rest of the summer. She's making clay with the squirrels and bears as her crtitics.

Our gallery will be open when we are there working. You can tell as the big roll up door will be up and our sign will be out. Just come on in. We will be happy to see you.

Have a great summer -
rae, Josie and Christa

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