Monday, April 27, 2009

Off the Wall

Our seconds sale was a great success. Thank you everyone who came and supported us. A BIG thanks also to Whitney Smith, Sharon Virtue and Sara Paloma, our guest artists. We not only had good sales but a good time - what could be better.

I've delayed reporting a sad event in our neighborhood but now is the time. Our building was known in the area for having the most beautiful "free wall" for graffiti. Famous painters came far and wide to add their art, the greatest works were never painted over. The artists were respectful, talented people. We've had numerous videos shot there, folks would pose and have their portraits taken there, drivers would stop and ponder the wall in awe. OK, why is this sad? Because the new owner of the building had the wall painted over last week....that's right. It is now a dull gray and the wonderful art underneath that paint is SCREAMING.

our wall almost totally covered in gray

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charles said...

i hope the new owner is going to enjoy a bunch of black and white throw ups instead of full color pieces that actually look appealing to people who don't write graffiti. its only a matter of time before the late nite lurkers walking down the tracks go off on that big ass blank wall.

RIP 4th street wall